High Speed Gear pushade nyligen för deras sjukvårdsficka av TACO-modell. Fokus i framtagningen av fickan verkar ha varit att brukaren ska kunna alltid komma åt sjukvårdsmaterielen, oavsett hur fickan sitter på stridsutrustningen. Även åtkomsten, och skyddet av, tourniquets har utvecklats med särskilda förvaringsutrymmen.

The M3T is designed to provide the user with a versatile and adaptable platform from which to carry and deploy their IFAK. In coordination with NOLATAC Firearms Training, we created a pouch to meet an ever-changing set of needs within the law enforcement, military and responsible armed citizen environments.

This pouch was built to accept many medical insert components as well as various manufacturer’s medical trays and kits. The included med sleds allow for a quick and ambidextrous deployment of the medical contents. Also, as users add more gear to their load and tactical real estate becomes a concern, several different mounting options were built into the design allowing for fully ambidextrous deployment and environmental protection for purpose built tourniquets.

Two ambidextrous side pockets were designed to not only protect the TQ from sun and other environmental exposure, but to also allow for rapid deployment from multiple angles and sides, dependent on how the user mounts the M3T. Unused TQ pockets can be used to store other items such as medical shears, chem lights, etc.